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New News is News to Me~

2010-05-07 07:28:55 by thegrimloki

Ok, so haven't been on NG much lately, since I've had so much on my plate recently. Everything from lost my car, to lost my job, to got kicked out of my house~ everything has been pretty much on the shitty side.

On the plus side, me and my recent ex girlfriend worked things out and got back together~ so there's a possible silver lining to it all.

In other news, if you check out my art stuff, I have some new submissions out for the first time ever, and your going to notice I follow a very Noir et Blanc style- mainly because I like the direct contrast in it, plus it gives it an almost "grim" look (please god smite me if I ever use a pun like that ever again in my life)

Other than that I've been focusing a lot of my energy into writing lately- trying to finish up my book which is rounding the 20th chapter as we speak. The book is titled "Never Dance with Fairies" and features everything from a cannibal freak show trio to a talking monkey~ so if either of those perk your interest, and your into the who adventure/fantasy/dark comedy scene (assuming I ever finish this project, let alone publish it) I'll be posting more and more info about it here (like anybody reads this shit~HA!)

Alright, well it's about 7:30 in the morning, and the suns just coming up~ so it's bout time for me to retire for the night.

Til next time,


2010-03-16 00:29:04 by thegrimloki

Hey all!

This weeks been hectic.

BUT I DID UPLOAD A NEW SONG (mind you it's not the same song I was talking to you about Sleuth- Sorry)

It's me and my good friend in our instrumental duo- he play's guitar, and I play piano~(No piano in the one I just uploaded) but eh, what the hell.

It should be a good time.

I'll be uploading Shoot a Shooting Star- and When All Else Fails, Blow Shit Up.
Not to mention our Live Parody, "Like a Virgin"

Should be fun!

Take it easy!

~The :Grim: Loki


2010-02-08 14:06:35 by thegrimloki


So I've been preeeetty busy lately.
Mostly with audio stuff.

Got together with MC Jimmy on a track called Life Goes By- he's a F***in amazing artist, seriously. Even if you don't like my voice- hit his stuff up. He's great- I have a link to him in the Life Goes By audio thingy whatever it is lol.

Other news, I ended up entering a voice over comp- but chances are, it's gonna go nowhere. My storyline wasn't great so I'm probably not gonna make it. HOWEVER- I was told my range was my best feature SO if you like the RANGE of the voices I can do- (which there are so many more than the couple that I put in my entry) then hit meh up!!

Other than that- working on a musical masterpiece- and thinking about FINALLY getting an animation done..... we'll see when that actually happens lawlz.


Ok, so the flash products aren't going nearly as well as I'd anticipated. My windows crashed and I had to reboot, and without a hard copy of all my stuff, I was toast... too bad, so sad, I'll get back into a new project soon.

HOWEVER~~ I am going to be putting out a quick animation for voice acting, so that maybe (hopefully) some animator out there will say, HEY! I WANT THAT VOICE OR THOSE VOICES IN MY ANIMATION! And then bing bada boom, there we go. Simple?
Not so much so.

Sigh. I released an audio that I composed by hand but it still hasnt been put up.. sigh.. then again, I don't know how long the backlog for audio portal is... so.... dunno, lol. It's fine. It's all good lol. We'll just do what we do til we die. Lol.

Thats bout it.