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New News is News to Me~

2010-05-07 07:28:55 by thegrimloki

Ok, so haven't been on NG much lately, since I've had so much on my plate recently. Everything from lost my car, to lost my job, to got kicked out of my house~ everything has been pretty much on the shitty side.

On the plus side, me and my recent ex girlfriend worked things out and got back together~ so there's a possible silver lining to it all.

In other news, if you check out my art stuff, I have some new submissions out for the first time ever, and your going to notice I follow a very Noir et Blanc style- mainly because I like the direct contrast in it, plus it gives it an almost "grim" look (please god smite me if I ever use a pun like that ever again in my life)

Other than that I've been focusing a lot of my energy into writing lately- trying to finish up my book which is rounding the 20th chapter as we speak. The book is titled "Never Dance with Fairies" and features everything from a cannibal freak show trio to a talking monkey~ so if either of those perk your interest, and your into the who adventure/fantasy/dark comedy scene (assuming I ever finish this project, let alone publish it) I'll be posting more and more info about it here (like anybody reads this shit~HA!)

Alright, well it's about 7:30 in the morning, and the suns just coming up~ so it's bout time for me to retire for the night.

Til next time,


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2010-06-17 02:36:42

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2010-07-05 20:41:09

Heya long time no see O:

thegrimloki responds:

Mhm. Hola


2010-07-08 22:48:00

-_- yeah, well meh. Go check my new artz :3


2010-07-10 02:08:13

Evicted from your house? Damn, kid. Well that makes the fact that your girlfriend got back with you extra good news cause it. . . well for the lack of a less rude way of putting it: She's not dating you for money :3

I'll pray the best mate.

thegrimloki responds:

Oddly enough mate- We broke up after about a week, then she tried to off herself in my name- and now I'm in the middle of a new relationship. Haha.


2010-11-20 23:46:07

Dontcha mean "No news is new news to me"?


2011-06-08 13:22:01

Long time no talk, beeeeeyotch!