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2010-02-08 14:06:35 by thegrimloki


So I've been preeeetty busy lately.
Mostly with audio stuff.

Got together with MC Jimmy on a track called Life Goes By- he's a F***in amazing artist, seriously. Even if you don't like my voice- hit his stuff up. He's great- I have a link to him in the Life Goes By audio thingy whatever it is lol.

Other news, I ended up entering a voice over comp- but chances are, it's gonna go nowhere. My storyline wasn't great so I'm probably not gonna make it. HOWEVER- I was told my range was my best feature SO if you like the RANGE of the voices I can do- (which there are so many more than the couple that I put in my entry) then hit meh up!!

Other than that- working on a musical masterpiece- and thinking about FINALLY getting an animation done..... we'll see when that actually happens lawlz.



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2010-02-09 19:05:06

Hey I listened to the song. The singing could be better but the lyrics were pretty good! Hope you work on more stuff!


2010-03-12 18:55:02

Been to my page lately????????????????????????????//
o3o Pleash. I added some artwork and two blogs that you might enjoy. :P