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Well here I am officially, lol

2009-12-10 15:28:36 by thegrimloki

Ok, so the flash products aren't going nearly as well as I'd anticipated. My windows crashed and I had to reboot, and without a hard copy of all my stuff, I was toast... too bad, so sad, I'll get back into a new project soon.

HOWEVER~~ I am going to be putting out a quick animation for voice acting, so that maybe (hopefully) some animator out there will say, HEY! I WANT THAT VOICE OR THOSE VOICES IN MY ANIMATION! And then bing bada boom, there we go. Simple?
Not so much so.

Sigh. I released an audio that I composed by hand but it still hasnt been put up.. sigh.. then again, I don't know how long the backlog for audio portal is... so.... dunno, lol. It's fine. It's all good lol. We'll just do what we do til we die. Lol.

Thats bout it.


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